Reasons You Should Start A Web Hosting Company

In this model world of today, Web Hosting business have become one of the most treasured and lucrative business around the globe because everybody want to go online. They either want to have a personal, business or organizational website which can be static or dynamic or ecommerce website. Among the numerous reasons of why you should start a web hosting company; we shall highlight six (6) here for your perusal.

6 Reasons Why You Should Start A Web hosting Company in Nigeria

1. Web Hosting is the heart and soul of all online businesses in the globe What this actually  means is that no internet business will exist without the webhosting industry. Even the big multi-million dollar companies host their website somewhere and they surely pay for such service, your services can be used
2. The ultimate potential of running a webhosting business is that it is a strong source of recurring income. that is to say is that once a client signs up for your service, there is 99% probability that that client stays for life; paying you a monthly, quarterly or yearly fee.
3. It is a business you can start on a small or large scale. You can either choose to start big by buying your own servers or you can start small with virtually no overhead by becoming a webhosting reseller right from the comfort of your home.
4. You have unlimited potential to generate revenue from several sources. You can achieve this by entering into joint venture or partnership with domain registrars, web design companies, theme developers, web server managers, web service providers, webmasters and bloggers, etc. you can also start an affiliate program and recruit affiliate marketers.
5. Internet business is yet to be fully appreciated in Nigeria, i say internet business i mean real online commerce. We are only just starting so thousand of web site are yet to be created as well, think about such potential and imagine your way to financially freedom if you are willing to start from somewhere.
6. You can make more money with web hosting even without investing any more
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