How to Install a Script/Software Using Softaculous

Softaculous is a great software that comes as an extra addition to added to cPanel linux web hosting plans. It is uselly added by few website hosting company like Fajiweb Solutions This easy to use software allows users to install almost every nice open source software in just a few clicks. In the example below, we will install WordPress which is a popular blogging application. You can however choose from several scripts in Softaculous to install. To install a script using Softaculous, please do the following:

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1. Login to your cpanel using your cpanel details

2. Click on the Softaculous Icon in the Software/Services tab of your cPanel.

3. The Softaculous Panel will open, and on the left side you will find different categories. Every category includes many scripts. The WordPress application is under the first category - Blogs. To see all applications in a category click the little grey arrow which is next to the category. The category will expand displaying the available apps. To install WordPress click on the name of the application.

4. The script details will appear and you will be able to check the ratings, reviews and even access a demo of the application. Click on the Install link which is right next to the Overview button.

On the new page you need to fill in the installation details - domain name, installation directory, administrative login details, etc. By default Softaculous will select wp and it will attempt to install the application in a sub-folder instead of the main domain. If you want the new installation to be on the main domain please leave the Directory Field blank. We also strongly advise you to change the default login details admin/admin to something else. This way you will be sure that a hacker cannot guess the login credentials. Please double check all details and then proceed to the next step.

5. To install the script scroll down to the end of the page and click the Install button. Usually all applications are installed for not more than 15-30 seconds. However, some of the apps are bigger and their installation may need some more time between 1 minute to 10 minutes.

6. When everything is configured the Softaculous installer will display a page with links to your newly installed application. Click them and you should see your new website and the administrative area of the software.

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