How To Create Master Reseller With WHMPHP

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What is WHMPHP ?

WHMPHP is a control panel developed for creating Master Resellers and Resellers. With the Master Reseller privilege, a reseller can resell reseller accounts, control the reseller quotas, assign private name servers, suspend, unsuspend as well as terminate resellers. WHMPHP is available only for cPanel based servers.

Creating a sub reseller via WHMPHP

How to create sub resellers using WHMPHP

Login to your MR Panel WHM, using the credentials as per the welcome email

Use the Add Package Option, to add a new reseller package to use for your reseller account creation

Access the MR Panel link, under your WHM

Accessing your MR Panel, and check the Create Reseller option

Via this option, you can create the reseller, provide the domainname, username, password, package, disk space and custom name server details

You can limit the number of accounts, your sub reseller can create

The IP would be the same as the ip assigned for your master reseller. Incase you need more ip's please contact our CS dept.
Apart from this, you can always create normal shared accounts via your WHM - Create New Account link

Please proceed to login to the whm for the sub reseller created, and verify the login

Once this is done, you can send in the details to your sub reseller as a welcome email!

Features of WHMPHP

  • Easy Installation
  • Very clean interface
  • Automatic Updates
  • New features in every version
  • Fastest processing
  • No server load
  • One and Only Master Reseller control panel which is completely integrated to both WHM and cPanel
  • Automatic Maste Reseller permission
  • WHMCS module integration for Master Resellers
  • Automatic config file backup
  • 50+ language support

Administrator Can Do The Following

  • Create Master Reseller
  • Add Master permission to an existing reseller ( Upgrade reseller to master )
  • Assign Master reseller resource quota
  • View/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminat all resellers under a master reseller
  • Suspend Master Reseller permission
  • View Master Reseller's usage
  • List all resellers
  • Change reseller ownership from one master to another
  • Import a reseller from the server and assign the owership to a master
  • Hard suspend a cpanel account to prevent the master reseller from being unsuspend the domain
  • List all hard suspended domains
  • Assign dedicated IP
  • Reseller Acl list selection
  • Root profile management
  • Automatic Master reseller permission for selected packages
  • Root permission checker to check unauthorized root access and to suspend the reseller ( optional ) along with disabling the root access immediately
  • Enable/Disable account restore tool for master resellers
  • 2 Clicks Master Reseller Termination
  • Orphan account removal tool to remove orphan accounts
  • Optional Branding Removal
  • Account Restore Tool ( To grant MR the permission to restore their cpmove accounts )
  • Password Lock : Lock all reseller's passwords
  • See the total number of domains hosted by the master reseller
  • Domain Blacklist : Blacklist a domain from being created by the resellers on your server.
  • One click cPanel Account Backup
  • And more every day!!

Master Reseller Can Do The Following

  • Create Reseller
  • Assign Private Nameservers
  • Assign Diskspace and Bandwidth
  • Control Overselling of Diskspace, Bandwidth and limit the total number of domains that the reseller can create
  • Suspend/ Unsuspend/ Termiante the reseller
  • Optional WHMCS integration
  • Upgrade a cPanel account to a Reseller
  • IP delegation
  • API Support
  • Restore cPanel accounts from other servers ( if activated by the root )
  • CSF IP Address Unblocker
  • And more every day!!

Misc Tools Integrated With WHMPHP

  • Restarting of serveral services
  • Install/uninstall DDOS Deflate
  • Install ConfigServer products such as ConfigServer Firewall
  • Install Rootkit Hunter
  • Install Fantastico
  • Install Softaculous
  • Install Imagemagick
  • Install ROR
  • Install Zend Optimizer
  • Search and delete cPanel backups hosted on users account
  • Block Rapidshare
  • Install FFMPEG

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