ZamFoo Reseller: Super Alpha, Alpha and Master Reseller Script

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ZamFoo Reseller is a WHM/Cpanel addon modules for creating Super Alpha, Alpha and Master Reseller Rights for your customers. 

The ZamFoo software suite is a series of WHM plugin modules (also known as WHM addon modules) created towards easing the burden of web hosting providers that sell shared hosting solutions using the Cpanel and WHM hosting platform. It is used to creating Super Alpha WHM Reseller, Alpha WHM Reseller and Master WHM Reseller website hosting accounts. 

ZamFoo uses the current version of CentOS but it should work perfectly fine for other OSs according to the developer. ZamFoo Reseller is a recreation of the famously terrible WhmReseller Licenses that are available through with improvements through integrating directly into the WHM flat file framework and architecture for consistency, stability and ease of correction for webmasters.

ZamFoo has additional features that don't work on the WhmReseller software such as client migration tools, ACL feature list stability, IP reservation and delegation, account chain auditing and validation prior to account and full billing system integration for WHMCS, WHM AutoPilot, ClientExec and any others without any of the CPU load problems.

In addition, the plugin has separate panels for Alpha Resellers and Master Resellers and the ability to provide autogrant to Alpha Master at the root level. The master reseller data is stored in the client's home directory and accessible during WHM migrations and has Master and Alpha data backup and restore options.

Below are the features that ZamFoo Reseller 

Features Zamfoo Super Alpha

List Alpha Accounts
Trace Alpha Account
Set/Remove Alpha Autogrant
Unsuspend Alpha (Clients, Reseller Only, All)
Suspend Alpha (Clients, Reseller Only, All)
Terminate Alpha (All, Clients Only)
Upgrade Cpanel, WHM and Master
Delegate Dedicated Shared IPs
ZamFoo Migr@tor
All Levels can Set Permissions
Search by Domain or Username

Magic Wand  
Uninstall Deasoft

B9 Toolset
Restart WHM
Restart Aphace
Restart Chksrvd
Restart Clamd
Show Exim Retry Database
Summarize Exim Stats
Empty Mail Queues
Fix Horde Mail Client
Show Cpanel Errors
Update Cpanel
Install Image Magik
Install FFMPEG
Analyze DDos Attack
Try to Fix Common Problems
Billing Software Installers (Coming Soon)

Features Zamfoo Alpha Master
List Master Accounts
Trace Master Account
Set/Remove Master Autogrant
Unsuspend Master (Clients, Reseller Only, All)
Suspend Master (Clients, Reseller Only, All)
Terminate Master (All, Clients Only)
Downgrade Whm, Master and Alpha
Delegate Dedicated Single Site IPs
Login to Client WHM
Backup ZamFoo Data
Convert Deasoft Data to ZamFoo Data

Magic Wand  
Toggle On/Toggle Off Deasoft Plugin Link

B9 Toolset
Restart CpPop
Restart Entropy
Restart Exim Stats
Restart IMAP
Fix PhpMyAdmin Error #2002
Fix MYSQL Databases
View MYSQL Config
Install MyTop
View What Cpanel Updates
Reinstall RvSkin
Install ConfigServer Firewall
Install ROR, Ruby and Ruby Gems
Fix 500 Internal Server Errors Via Chown
Check For Hacks
Server Configlets

Features Zamfoo Alpha Master
List WHM Accounts
Trace WHM Account
Set/ Remove WHM Autogrant
Unsuspend WHM (Clients, Reseller Only, All)
Suspend WHM (Clients, Reseller Only, All)
Terminate WHM (All, Clients Only)
Private Nameservers and WHM Anonymous
Change Account Owner
Login to Client Cpanel
Restore ZamFoo Data
Shell Commander: SSH client in WHM

Magic Wand  
Fix Data Files

B9 Toolset
Restart Melange
Restart Postgres
Restart PostgresSQL
Restart SysLogd
Install PostgreSQL
Fix Crontab 4755 Error
View Root Crontab
Show Apache Errors
Reinstall Fantastico
Reinstall RvSiteBuilder
Update ZamFoo
Install Ddos Deflate
Clean PHP Sessions
Search for Large Files
Remote FTP Backup

ZamFoo Migr@tor: This plugin is Included in the ZamFoo Reseller Software
Migr@tor is a WHM migration plugin for allowing clients with a WHM reseller, WHM Master Reseller or WHM Alpha Master Reseller(and now the ultra rediculous WHM Super Alpha Master Reseller) hosting accounts to manage their own client's WHM server to server migrations.
This WHM transfer/Cpanel transfer migration plugin tool consists of an interface to upload a full backup backup file( in the backup-date_time_username.tar.gz format), a special file landing location in the client's root directory and a process queue which interfaces directly into the WHM framework. This method of implementation achieves 100% compatibility and stability while maintaining the same level of security which you have implemented on your server.

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