What is second-level domains (SLDs) and country code second level domains (ccSLD)?

What is SLD
Second-level domains commonly refer to the organization that registered the domain name with a domain name registrar. A second-level domain (SLD) is the portion of the domain name that is located to the left hand portion of the dot and domain name extension.

Example 1:
Using a generic top-level domain (gTLD) .com and taking roastedmannergreen.com as the example. The second-level domain (SLD) in roastedmannergreen.com is roastedmannergreen

Example 2: Using country code top-level domain (ccTLD) eg .co.uk and still taking roastedmannergreen as our case study; we will have roastedmannergreen.co.uk. The (SLD) in roastedmannergreen.com is roastedmannergreen.

What is ccSLD
A country code second-level domain (ccSLD) is a domain name class that many country code top-level domain (ccTLD) registries implement. The ccSLD portion of the domain name is located between the ccTLD and the SLD.
Example: The ccSLD in roastedmannergreen.co.uk is .co.

What is ccTLD
A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is the name that is last in a country code domain (ccD). It is the last name after a second-level domain (SLD) and a country code second-level domain (ccSLD).
Example: The ccTLD in roastedmannergreen.co.uk is .uk.

On a glance, summerizing the domain name roastedmannergreen.co.uk, we will have the following:
1. roastedmannergreen is the second-level domain (SLD)
2. .co is the country code second-level domain (ccSLD)
3. .uk is the code top-level domain (ccTLD)


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