How to Uninstall WordPress that you installed using Softaculous

Installing and Uninstalling WordPress is a very easy thing to do if you know the right procedures to take and secure your WordPress website. Before you continue on this article, i will like you to read about Softaculous installation.  Read how to build your WordPress Site in the easy way. Please Click Here to read how to build your website with Softaculous

I will like you to Click Here to read WordPress Installation Procedure this have all the full details of WordPress installation. Please endeavour to read this as it  has the full detail knowledge and explaination about WordPress Installation.  You will thank us later after reading as it will greatly help you.

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How to Uninstall WordPress using Softaculous

I assume before you will think of Uninstalling WordPress from your website, you must have installed it; and probably installed it wrongly.

Is your WordPress showing in your website as or as or it is showing as or as or it shows as or as now follow the below outlined procedures to remove or unistall it.

After Uninstallation, endeavour to follow the processes outlined Here or read WordPress Installation Procedure on this link, to know how to correctly install your WordPress site.

Now follow these processes to successfully Uninstall WordPress that you installed wrongly in your website using Softaculous

NOTE: If you did not install WordPress in your website using Softaculous, this method will not work for you.

1. Login to cpanel of your website, eg if your website is, your cpanel will be

2. Go to the bottom of the page where you have software and services, click on Softaculous, click on WordPress or click on Softaculous Apps Installer, click on WordPress Logo, when the page open, at the top of the page at the right corner, you will see where they write Welcome plus your website/cpanel username, near i, click on All Installation (this is a retantangle box that has cover on it), click that box.

3. This will show all your WordPress installations that you have installed using Softaculous

4. So now that you want to uninstall the WordPress at or at directory/folder wp, click on Remove (this is X button that is red in colour)

5. It will bring out a new page with details like the below on it

X Removing WordPress

Remove Directory
If you check this the entire folder will be deleted

Remove Database
If checked the database will be deleted

Remove Database User
If checked the database user will also be deleted

NOTE: ALL THE ABOVE (Directory, Database and Database User) must have the boxes near them ticked


Software                        WordPress

Installation Number      This will show the WordPress Installation Number eg 26_92166

Version                          This will show the WordPress Version that you installed eg 4.6.1

Installation Time           This will show the date and time that the WordPress was installed eg Today at 6:44 am or March 29, 2016, 9:08 am

Path                               This will show the path/directory/folder where you have installed it eg /home/goodsiteshoes/public_html/wp or /home/website/cpanel username/public_html/wp

URL                             This will show the full website url/link/path/directory that you have installed it eg

Database Name            This is the Database Name used for the installation eg good_wp704

Database User              This is the Database User used for the installation eg good_wp704

Database Host              This is the Database Host used for the installation eg localhost (Normally all host used are called locahost)

CLICK ON Remove Installation. On Clicking Remove Installation, it will show Removing Installation, and when it is completed, you will see 

The installation was removed successfully

Return to Overview

At this point, you can either click on Return to Overview to return to WordPress installation page again, or simply close the window

Now if you go to or or or you will not see the WordPress again, instead you will see the below

Not Found

The requested URL /wp was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

But if you did not install your WordPress using Softaculous and you still want to know how to Remove the WordPress from your website, then Click Here to read it


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