Expired and Deleted Domain Processes

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Before a deleted domain name can be restored, there are processes that need to be followed. Your domain registrar will charge you processing and adminstrative fee as the case may be to appeal for the re-validation and restoration of your deleted domain name.

In order to facilitate verification of registrar compliance for transmitting a RESTORE request for a deleted Registered Name, Domain owner through the Domain Registration Company would be required to submit a "Registrar RESTORE Report" to the Registry Operator concerning the circumstances that created the need to Restore the Registered Name and why did you allow it to expiry without you renewing it (One report may be submitted for multiple restored Registered Names, as long as the facts requiring a Restore are similar.)


The Registrar Restore Report will be transmitted electronically according to a format to be specified, and shall include the following contents:

1. A copy of the Whois data for the deleted name, as it appeared prior to the deletion;

2. A copy of the Whois data for the deleted name, as it appears at the time the report is being 


3. The date and time the Registered Name was deleted;

4. The date and time the Registered Name was restored/may be restored;

5. A brief written explanation of the reason why the Registered Name was Restored (e.g., registrant mistake, registrar mistake, registry mistake, dispute resolution);

6. A statement that the registrar has not restored the Registered Name in order to assume the rights to use or sell the Registered Name for itself or for any third party (unless the name was restored as required to give effect to an order or decision from a court, arbitral tribunal or Administrative Panel – in such cases a copy of the order should be included with the report); and

7. A statement that the information in the Restore Report is true to best of the registrar’s knowledge, and that the registrar acknowledges that intentionally supplying false information in the Restore Report shall constitute an incurable material breach of the Registry-Registrar Agreement.

If the registrar fails to submit a complete Registrar Restore Report at the end of five business days after restoring a Registered Name, the registry operator would, following an attempt to notify the registrar by both telephone and e-mail, automatically rescind/undo the RESTORE (with no refund to the registrar), and return the name to deleted status, subject to a new 30-day Delete Pending Period.

The registry would keep copies of all Registrar Restore Reports, subject to review, and would include in its monthly report of the number of Restore Reports received.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of these transparency and compliance provisions, the registry operator should prevent Registered Names from being transferred to a different registrar, extended/renewed, or deleted after being restored.

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