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Fajiweb free website builder is an extra easy to  use Drag and Drop Site Builder that enable you build a proffesional website without formal or any knowledge of web design or web programming.

No prior web design experience necessary!

To use  this free website builder, you need to have a web hosting account from fajiweb solutions. The site builder works with fajiweb hosting account.

If you have already gotten a hosting account from fajiweb, pls follow the below steps to get your website up and running in minutes.

1. Login to your cpanel with your correct cpanel username and password (eg if your website is www.goodsitecomputer.com, your cpanel will be www.goodsitecomputer.com/cpanel)

2. On login, go to down to see Software and Services, click on Site Builder, it will take you to another page

3. After doing NO 2 which take you to another page (Web Site Builder page), you will see the below on the page
Web Site Builder
Choose domain/subdomain you want to use to build your site for.
Select a Domain

4. Select the domain that you want you build.if you want to build www.goodsitecomputer.com, under the heading Select a Domain, you will see a sub heading Domain, under the sub heading Domain, you will see goodsitecomputer.com. Click on that name goodsitecomputer.com, it will take you to the sitebuilder page where you can template of your choice
if you want to build a subdomin, not the main website domain, after creating a subdomain in the subdomain area (may be you created a sub domain call fine, then your sub domain will be fine.goodsitecomputer.com).
so when you want to select the domain you want to build, instead of clicking on goodsitecomputer.com, click on fine.goodsitecomputer.com then it will take you to Web Site Builder page

5. After doing No 4, you are taking to another page to select the template you want to use, browse all the different template catergories to choose a template of your choice.

6. After seeing the template you like, click on the preview circle botton at the down left of the template of your choice to preview it

7. After previewing, select the template to start using, and if you dont want to preview the template, you can just select the template right away to start editing


8. After doing No 7, the website template editor will open, there you can edit the website to fit into how ever you want it before you publish it

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