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A Premium Domain is a domain name which is already registered and owned by someone else, but has now be put up for sale and bidding. Prices for Premium Domains range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on the specific domain and current market influences. if you are thinking of how to make money online easily, start Premium Domain Name business. Premium Domain is not for small business web hosting because they have a higher perceived value than most domains, including available domains and unregistered domains. This higher value comes as a result of the domain being short in length, containing common words or providing a more memorable web address.

How To Register Premiun Domain Name
If you are thinking of registering a premium domain, then you should not be thinking about how to register a free domain name in Nigeria or in global market. This is because it is not cheap to buy or register. But you can register a good key word domain name and put it up on sale as premuin domain, then you will make alot of money.
There are many reliable domain registration company were you can list you domains. They are only domain registration sites where premium domains are listed and sold. will help you alot in the search

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What do I need to get with my Premium Domain
After getting your premium domain, you need a cloud web hosting or any other cheap hosting server that can host the domain. You can also order for free web hosting no ads or order low cost web hosting which is also called shared hosting that comes with unmetered space and unmetered bandwidth.

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  • What is a Premium Domain?
    Premium Domains are highly sought after domain names made up of important keywords and brand friendly words/phrases. They are usually privately owned and are sold at a much higher price than an ordinary domain name.
  • Why are Premium Domains so Expensive?
    Typically, Premium Domains are short, popular names that contain important keywords/keyphrases and hence command a higher value. Since they have been registered previously, they are well-established and boast of a higher page rank on the search engines. Hence, because they are well-geared to attract more traffic, they come at a higher price which is reflective of their value.
  • Will renewal rate for Premium Domains be as expensive as the cost?
    No. In most cases, Premium Domains renew at the regular price of that TLD
  • How do I Search for a Premium Domain?
    Our dedicated affordable domain registration page that allows you to search for Premium Domains under the Domains Tab. Alternatively, when you perform a regular domain search, we will show you the best available Premium Domains that closely match the domain you have searched for. Finally, if the domain you searched for via our regular domain search happens to be a Premium Domain itself, it will be prominently highlighted on our results page as a Premium Domain.
  • What is the Procedure to Procure a Premium Domain?
    After you completes the purchase of a Premium Domain with us, we will proceed to complete the transfer of ownership. This may take upto 5-7 days. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address as soon as ownership of the domain has been transferred to your account. You can then proceed to manage the domain as you would manage a regular domain name inside your clientarea portal.
  • Where can I sell my Premium Domain?
    Are you looking for a place where you can list your domain name as Premium Domain Name to be sold? There are numerous sites that offer such services; among are Afternic, SedoMLS network and many more aftermarket site. Please check google quick search engine for more details.

  • Domain name expires every year, so if you dont renew your domain name it will expire and someone else will register it
  • You must buy a web hosting account so that you can display you domain, if not nobody can see it. If you are not ready to buy website hosting, you may give your domain to any of the sites that offer parked domain services so that they can make it parked domain.
  • You don't need website security for this domain. Read More About Web Security

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