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Quality Servers: Dedicated Functionalities

Fajiweb provides the Most Affordable and Cheapest Dedicated Servers and VPS In Nigeria. We offer Very Fast and Powerful Dedicated Servers and Virtual Private Servers on Linux operating systems. We provide both Fully Managed and UnManaged Dedicated and Virtual Servers Hosting at a price that won't put a hole in your pocket.

Fajiweb Solutions servers is bought and been used by numerous customers from different parts of the world, and our Major Clients are from United States of America.

To buy Managed or UnManaged Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers; at below click ORDER NOW button near the server needed.

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VPS Server

Are you wanting to purchase a server but can't afford the high cost, Virtual Private Server [VPS] will help you

  • With VPS, you will get full server [dedicated server] control without paying the cost of a dedicated server
Starting: ₦4,000($25.00)/mo

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Ded Server

Powerful & Scalable UnManaged Dedicated Server that comes with Complete Root Access for anything

  • Buy this UnManaged Dedicated Server if you know how to manage servers and want Maximum Power
Starting: ₦25,300($158.13)/mo

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Do you want a Dedicated Server were you can have Full Customization, Total Control and Complete Root Access, but you don't have any idea of Server Management?

  • Buy This Fully Managed Server
Starting: ₦51,000($320.00)/mo

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