Domain Expiring and Redemption Terms

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This is the 30 days period which an expired domain goes into, and the expired domain can be renewed in this period at a little higher cost than what it was first bought.

This is the next stage that an expired enter after leaving the previous stage. This is a 6 days period which an expired domain which has left the 30 days grace period goes into. Here the domain slips into Queued for Deletion and after the 6th day, the domain get deleted. At this period, you can still renew the domain at a much higher cost;

This is another 30 days period which a deleted domain that has long expired and was not renewed at grace period goes to. Here the domain automatically fall into aPending Restore Status, which eventually enter Pending Delete Restorable State. At this stage, most domains like .com, .net and .org requires a $150 USD fee and some other minor process and protocol to be followed before registry can restore it, since it is only the registry that can restore any domain at this stage.

This is the satge where a domain is finally available to the general public for registration; and general availability of the domain can be registered by anyone for the actual price of that particular domain registration.


My domain is in the redemption period what does that mean! Please click here to read it.

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