Monitor and Backup your Website in the Cloud

Monitor your Website constantly, Backup and Restore your Website from any Point

Basic Guard

This plan Faji-Positive SSL Minor is perfect for beginners needing SSL in their website so that they can have https and padlock on their website url/browser

Domain Validation (DV), 1 Domain ( and1 Sub-Domain (, Unlimited Server Licenses (Install On Multiple Servers), $10,000 Warranty

  • Comodo Certificate Issuer
  • Good Security Assurance
  • 1 Domain Domains To Secure
  • Yes Secures 'www' & 'non-www'
  • Most devices Tablet & Mobile Support
  • Domain Validation Validation Level Type
  • No Paperwork Needed Any Paperwork Required
  • You Can Claim $10,000 Monetary Warranty