What Is Domain Name Reseller Account

Domain name reseller account is an account that allows you sell domain names to your clients at a discount rate. As a domain reseller, you will have access to our system via API (Application Programming Interface) and through our website to place order for your domain, renew domains and many more.

If you currently have a web hosting company or you want to start a web hosting company or you are a website designer that design website for clients, joining resellerclub of fajiweb will assit you in getting started and making money for your self. If you currently use WHMCS or intend to manage your domains using WHMCS, just signup for a domain reseller account and start selling.

Start Selling Domains Name & Other Online Services

Get the industry's best prices that promise you high profit margins. Joining fajiweb resellerclub help you to reach out to all your customers hassle free, sell multiple domains to them at cost effective prices.

What You Need To Join Resellerclub Of Fajiweb That Sells Domain

1. Signup with us
2. Make an initial deposit; minimum of $50 for initial domain purchase
3. Get a website to sell to your clients, and we can provide you one (ONLY WEB DESIGN) for free if you dont already have

Integration Options: What You Get When You Sign Up

We have combination of solution that will help you. Seamlessly integrate Fajiweb Domain services into your business. Choose from several white labeled solutions that make it easy to sell domains & other fajiweb online services to your customers’. Whether you have an existing website or starting a new one, we have an option that will work for you even for free.
Get the following on signing up
1. FREE STOREFRONT : Here you can sell to your clients if you dont have a website
2. CONTROL PANEL: Here you can register and manage all your clients, domains and other products
3. HTTP API: With this, you can interate with our site then do what ever you want to do. [This is mostly necessary if you dont want to be coming to our website or your store front/control panel to be registering your domains)
4. WHMCS INTEGRATION: If you have WHMCS, you can easily intergrate our system to it without any issue.

Benefit Of Joining Domain Resellerclub Of Fajiweb

1. Completely Customizable
2. Coupon Engine
3. Integrated Shopping Cart
4. SEO Friendly Content
5. Pre-Created Web Templates
6. Multilingual

Features That Are Custom Built To Help Your Business Grow

1. WHITE LABELLED: We operate a white label method, no body knows that you are using use.
2. 700+ TLDS TO SELL: We have numerous domains that you can sell, ranging from .com, .net, .co, .org, .info, .me, .au, .de, .eu, .nl, .uk, .us, .ca, .nz, .es, .work and many more.
3. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Already on your system are finacial management/payment gateway to allow you collect money from your clients if you want to use online payment for your clients.
4. ALERT: We provide you with mostly email alerts and sometimes SMS alert or phone call as the case may be. This is to help strengthen your business and your relationship with us.
5. INDUSTRY BEST PRICES: We give you the best price you can ever think of, we sell our products cheap so that you can make enough profits.
6. 24/7 SUPPORT: We are always available to help. Just call us, mail us or open a support ticket.


We have many advantages for you, puchase domains from us now and be excited you did.

See What Comes With Our Domains  Contact Us To Become Domain Reseller

What Our Reseller Program Offers

1. A Comprehensive Product portfolio for your Customers and Resellers
2. A Ready made, private labeled website for you and your Resellers
3. Multilingual private labeled Control panels for you and your Resellers
4. Complete Business Process Automation
5. A Comprehensive API for seamless integration

How To Become A Domain Reseller In Nigeria

To be a domain reseller in Nigeria or any other part of the world is so easy, all you need do is just signup with us and you are ready to see to the world in less than one minute. All our Domain Registration comes with Free Services.

Fajiweb Domains offer .ng domians, .com.ng, .gov.ng, .com, .pw, .net and many more; all at an unbelivable prices.