How To Register .ng Domain Name In Nigeria

Nigeria .ng Domain Name Registration Nigeria is Nigeria's Country Code Top Level Domain(ccTLD) managed by Nigeria internet Registration Association (NiRA) and it is specifically for Nigerians.

Fajiweb Solutions under it platform of fajiweb domains is a domain registrar that offers .ng domains with extensions like .ng,,,,,,,, and; and the extensions all for government agencies, schools, organizations, individuals and any other entity that needs an internet presence and operate in Nigeria.

.ng domain registration is one of the domain names that will serve any purpose and some of it extensions like, and many more are examined very strictly and require official documentation before they can be registered.

Why You Need To Get .NG Domains?

.ng domain will represent you very well as other world domain. Being in Nigeria and proud of doing business from Nigeria to the rest part of the world, we believe in Nigeria and in Nigerian Businesses. Using the .ng extension for your domain name is not just about getting a domain name; it is also about joining a community and being part of a new generation that brings more light to your world. Some of the many reasons why you should get a .ng domain name:
1. Using .ng domain extension makes every know that you believe in Nigeria, and you are proud to be one.
2. Search engines like google rank .ng websites higher than other sites in nigerian searches.
3. Nigeria .ng domain transfer take little or no time to transfer, unlike world domains (gTLDs) that take a longer period of transfer.
4. With .ng domain registration in Nigeria, you must get your name available because you have a wider range of domain extension to select from when registering rather than a gTLD.
5. Nigeria .ng domain registration will help you target well in Nigerian market, it is best to use .ng as your domain extension, to enable the Nigerian residents more open to your business especially during search.
6. Nigerian secondary schools and institutions can register and respectively since .edu is not really open to Nigeria schools.
7. Nigeria domain extension can help you to be so creative. You can follow the like of Google and Microsoft who have and search engines specifically for Nigeria. You may have, and many more.

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