Affordable SSL Certificate, CodeGuard & SiteLock for your website enhancement.

High Proactive Security with Less Worries

At Fajiweb, we are very paramount of security. We offer diverse & variuos High Proactive security measures for your website enhancement; even at the lowest prices. Are you searching for ssl proxy, ssl unblocker, ssl vpn, ssl https or ssl certificate to install in your site or are you in need of ssl tutorial to see ssl protocol and know how ssl works then look no further

Are you aware that alot of people come online everyday checking for codeguard review or codeguard example and other security similar to codeguard? May be they want to be a codeguard reseller or check dropmysite vs codeguard using codeguard app. But finding codeguard alternatives is quite uncommon like codeguard hostgator or codeguard resellerclub. Get a code codeguard and be in safe hands.

Sitelock pricing is so great compare to what it does as sitelock domain security. Using codeguard and sitelock wordpress is a good combination to go with after checking from the ranges of sitelock hostgator-endurance internet group, sitelock godaddy, sitelock bluehost and sitelock eig-resellerclub. Check online for sitelock review, you will be shock to see your findings. Read below to know the actual functions of website domain digital securities like SSL Certificate, CodeGuard and SiteLock; see how they help you greatly.

Secure Sockets Layer Certificates [SSL Certificate] which help encrypt connections and informations to be transmitted between your website and your website visitors.

CodeGuard which help to backup and also monitors your website for changes; and it will alert you immediately on your email if any change is noticed for your quick action.

SiteLock which is an advanced website security and automatically scans your website for malware to ensure they are not been blocked or spammed.

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SSL Cert

If you want your domain name to carry https or show padlock or green name, buy Secure Sockets Layer Cert

  • For all your data that passes btw web server & browser to remain encrypted, private & integral; you need SSL
Starting: ₦11,000($68.75)/yr

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Backup your site with CodeGuard, Restore from any Point. Monitor site for changes send you alert quickly

  • Do you want to leave above the power of manually monitoring or backing up your website? You need CodeGuard
Starting: ₦3,000($18.75)/6 month

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Do you desire to be sending emails from your website, but do not need a website? Email Hosting is your ans

  • This is used ONLY to send emails
  • You can't upload your website information to it
  • Free Domain etc
Starting: ₦3,000($18.75)/month

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